Monday, December 27, 2010

My sister, Sister Agle...

I have something to tell you, blogger world! And my Dad has a way with words so I'm going to borrow his words, as posted by my Dad on Dano's 'Sister Agle fb page'....

"We got some exciting news from Danielle today, although it's news that Danielle has had to pay for the hard way. After discussions with her mission president, it has been decided that Danielle's mission will come to an end a month early so that she can come home to get some much-needed medical attention for her back. mission president told her that Danielle should have only good feelings about her mission, and that she has accomplished in her 17 months what it would take most missionaries 3 years to accomplish. We will find out in the next day or so her specific travel plans, but she will probably be coming home Wednesday or Thursday. We will let you know when we hear more."

Dano, I'm so proud of you and so very, very excited to see you! Love you big sissy!!!


  1. We know she has been a tremendous missionary! Her health is very important so it is good that she can tend to that. How exciting to have her home soon:)

  2. You guys have the most amazing family!