Sunday, December 26, 2010

SB's corkboard/soul....

Above is my corkboard hanging above my bed in my room. I love these. I think they are very personal to you and it's a way you can express yourself. And bonus, mine just makes me smile when I look at it because each little thing on mine has a story behind it. Let me take a minute and share what's signficant about each tid-bit...

A) I recieve this flower from my lovely voice coach, Sister C, on my second voice recital. Believe me, those recitals are not easy. But little encouragements, like this, help SO much. Thank you Sister C.
B) This bow was on a present I recieved this past Christmas. It was beautiful and so was the jewelry inside it. Thank you kind sir.
C) These are 5 of the billions of movie tickets I have. Do you do what I do? I keep every single ticket stub and have a whole box of tickets and programs from numerous events. My sister thinks I'm a hoarder but I just like memories!
D) This key ring has the Disney princess' on it. It was actually a gift to my sister... from me. But she's on her mission at the moment so I'm watching over it for her... But what can I say? I am a little obsessed with princess'....
E) This is a heart pin made by the ever talented Coryn who is in... Paris France! And she will be for the next 17 months. Isn't that so very exciting?!?

F) "Birthday Princess" crown. On my 17th birthday, my buds Erin and Mary surprised me in my English class with this crown, a cinnamon roll and a 'Miss America' sash... except mine said, 'Birthday Girl' as you would probably guess.
G) John Mayer ticket stub. One of the best nights of my life EVER.
H) Keys! If they're not hanging up here, I do not know where they are. I'm terrified I'm going to lose them for good one day. Ah no pressure. Ps: note the beautiful pointe shoe key ring. Isn't it perty? I lost the original point shoe key ring a couple months ago and was sad but guess what? For Christmas, one of my friend's found where Igot the original one and purchased another one for me. Awwww so kind! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
I) Dano, Keke and I at Dano's BYU graduation. One of the last picture taken of the 3 of us before Dano left on her mission and Keke left for New York. Touching, I know.
J) This includes 2 things: A wrist band for Disco Skating and a bracelet I made from girls camp. First of all, I am horrible at disco skating but when I went I didn't fall so that's why I've kept it and the girls camp bracelet? Well I kept that on from June until November (had to come off for the school musical) and so let's just say that bracelet has been through a lot with me:)

K) I went on a 'walk-a-bout' in 8th grade with my school. This walk-a-bout was a 60 miler in 5 days. Oh nellie that was intense... and so my Mom wrote me a little note each day and this card is from the 2nd day I believe. Aw thanks Ma, you're the best.
L) This bow was on a gift I recieved yesterday and plus it's pink with glittery crowns on it. It's perfect and fantastic and magnificent! And plus it was wrapped around my new body pillow which I love and adore. Thanks Santa....
M&N) These two polaroids are from 5 years ago. It was at a family reunion in Cedar City. Good times with the cousins.
O) I found this at a scrapbooking store several years ago. All it is, is a french/vintage/sticker type thing. Bizarre but it reminds me of 'Amelie' and 'He loves me, he loves me not'. Two amazing foreign films I think are brilliant. Both starring Audrey Tatou... love her!

P) Neon Trees badge! I don't know which one this is but Mary, Stu and Curtis have the other 3. I'm convinced that if we ever put the 4 of our badges together, a beam of light would come out from the middle and we would change the world.
Q) This rose is from my friend's brother's wedding. I love weddings! Drinks all around! (Name that movie...)
R) Metro card from one of the best weeks of my life. New York City with ma soeur, Keke. Ah happy day. Happy memories.
S) Boutineer from homecoming this year. I love flowers. A little too much I think but sue me.

T) A quote given on concert night by my best buddy, Christine. True, true Chris. Thank you for the reminder.
U ) Christmas stickers. I love Christmas!
V) A quote by President Gordon B Hinckley about our potential. It's big, I tell ya!

W) Photo booth sesh with my bud, Curtis. 'Nuf said.
X) Girls camp wrist band. I mean it when I say I truly do love my ward. The young women especially. Although it is almost impossible to get people to play the piano for opening exercises, they are all so talented and extremely amazing.
Y) a key chain with my real name made in 7th grade maybe? I kind of want to say 9th though. Hmmm I'm not sure. But it's a friendly key ring none the less, don't you think! (By the way, if you haven't noticed, I LOVE key rings. They're my absolute favorite.)
Z) A sticky note that was incuded in a letter Keke sent me from New York. It talks about how skilled she is at origami becuase she mailed my letter in the shape of a man's white dress shirt. And on the outside of the letter she wrote 'FRAGILE' all over. The memory and the origami shaped letter still make me chuckle to this day.
aa) My sticker from donating blood in the Summer. I love donating blood. That's weird I think-- especially because they always miss my veins, or my veins randomly stop giving blood in the middle which leads to poking and prodding which in turn leads to heat flashes, nausea and near fainting spells-- but it's for the greater good! And you get Doritos after! What's better than that?!
bb) This was on a note pad I got from a friend in sixth grade and I just thought it was happy and pretty. Hence I've kept it all these years.
cc) Katherine Hepburn stamp I recieved in the mail. To be honest, I'm not too familiar with her work-- like I'm not obsessed, but I still look up to her and think it's sa-weet.
dd) Two stickers. One says 'Donate blood today' and one says 'Hot Hot Hot'. Yeah....
And that my friends, is a little bit of my soul for ya.
Ohp. It is not dinner time. Must be off!
Happy Sunday!


  1. I am oh so honored to have a momento on your cork board (and I'm sure Coryn would be also.) I too like many of the things you included on the board. In fact, if I weren't a "grown-up" I would probably have one in my bedroom as I did in high school and college. What the heck! Perhaps I'll get another and do it anyway:)