Sunday, June 6, 2010


Last night I couldn't sleep.

I was tempted to sneak up stairs and right a really long post, yet call it a 'Memo.' Just like Jerry Maguire in... well, 'Jerry Maguire'. did you know the human head weighs 8 lbs?

However, I didn't. I decided to read half of 'Dear John' instead. Good book my friends, good, good book.

But say I did quietly sneak upstairs, turn the computer on, heat up a cup of herbal tea, put on my glasses and sit down at the computer to write this memo, here's what I think it might say:

Sometimes what I think should go without saying, does in fact need to be said.
Sometime what I think everyone knows, needs to be taught for everyone to learn.
Sometimes what I think I am trying to say, is not in fact what I'm trying to communicate.
But despite all these misunderstandings, I love life. Not misunderstandings so much, but life itself.
At least that's what I tell myself, because I cannot and refuse to ever be a downer.
For example, Yes. I despise the ACT. But also yes, I need the ACT to get into college. It's this Saturday, I'm not excited but I have to do it. So why waste the time and energy moping about it? I don't have to be jumping out of my chair with excitement, but I do need to be the two P's!
Pleasant and Positive! (I just made that one up, do you like it?)
And so help me, that is what I will strive to do. I love you world. So much. And I truly feel that we can work together to make this life of mine and everyone around us, a happy one.

I challenge those reading this memo to do the same. I challenge you to smile through your tears and love through your hatred. Express yourself, but at the same time, respect yourself and the potential you have.

Because believe me. We all have it inside. I know we do.


  1. I love your optimism! It's inspirational!

  2. i love this post and i love your blog :)
    just thought i'd say