Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Une Licorne

Every time I go on the computer, I check my blog, and I keep thinking there will be a new post. Somehow. Magically. But there hasn't been. And whose fault is that? Mine. Sorry. I've been so busy. And I am still busy but I have a few minutes to spare while I print my 20 page French picture book! It's cute. It's about a unicorn... or should I say une licorne? Clever.

I wish I had news to tell you. Maybe something like, "I won a million dollars!" But alas, I cannot. However, I can tell you that plodding is good. I just need to plod until the weekend when maybe, just maybe, I can take a breather. And hopefully get a full eight hours of sleep!

For now though, please enjoy these pictures of Jim Halpert from The Office. It's kind of creepy but don't think about it too much. I mean, he's holding his TV baby for goodness sakes!

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  1. GO GO SMUSHY!! remember how i am your cheerleader? ya. shish boom ba.