Sunday, May 30, 2010


My dear friends, Mary, Jimmy Stuart and I, had quite an adventure Saturday afternoon. We went on a Safari... for the third time! And we made popsicles. Some were good, some... not so much. And we talked. Oh how I love talking to these two goons. (I say that in a very loving way.) They are amazing listners and I love them like the twin siblings I never had. And now, please enjoy this never ending line of mini pictures. Aren't they precious?

Thing 1 and Thing 2
Graffiti Rock

Don't mess with us.



Prayer Rock

Retrieving the popsicles.
electricity hugger
STOP. please.
tree hugger.

so hollywood.

can you see the flying ribbon? i can.


let's not judge mary.

he climbed this in a matter of seconds.

he was in the timpview men's calendar. can't you tell?

"please vote," she says.

biggest little kid I've ever seen.

love these two.

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