Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Hi, may I please..."

This morning, my sister and I departed from our lovely home at 9:45 sharp and made our way to the mall. Unfortunately, it was not to shop. Which is an absolute shame because I love shopping so much. No though, it was for... "Hi, may I please pick up an application?" Yah, love those.

We circled the mall twice and went into different stores. Some had positive responses and others had definitely not positive responses. Those are my favorite. When you are all sweet and nice and say, "Hello my dear queen. May I pretty please with a cherry on top, recieve, from your loving hands, an application to work at this heavenly store?" And they reply, "No." Nice.

A month ago, I went into a classy restaurant on main street and met with the manager, who told me to come back at the end of May and he'd be happy to give me a job as a hostess, since I couldn't be a waitress because they serve wine. That was absolutely fine and I was extremely relieved that the job hunt was nearly over. Fast forward a month and it's yesterday. I go in, talk to him and he says, "I'm sorry. You have to be 21 now. We got in trouble for hiring anyone younger." RUDE... and rather depressing.

The worst one was at one of my favorite stores when I was talking to the two girls working there, and we were getting on GREAT. We were laughing and talking about summer and then, while the manager was printing out an application, she casually happened to ask, "You're older than 18, right?" Snap. "Noooo..." I replied. "Oh no," she replied, "I'm so sorry, you have to be 18. But when you do turn 18, please come back." Great. I'm so glad I have a job set up in 8 months... and in four years, when I'm 21, for that matter.

Alas, I shall fill out these applications, return them and see what happens. If I get a job, I get a job. If I don't, I don't. Yikes. Let's hope for the former.


  1. That's wierd all these age limits. That's new I must say. I thought it was 16 for the most part. Shows you how much I am out of the loop. :) Good luck though! It's hard now a days.

  2. Cool! I didn't know you had a blog! I mean, not cool about the job hunt, but cool about the blog!

  3. Don't worry sista. I am on the SAAME PAGE as you... we should find a job somewhere together!! I think that would be a most excellent idea. Because P.S. I already miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!