Friday, April 2, 2010

Tears on the Train

I'm not one to post sad blogs because frankly, I don't like sad things. So you should understand that when I do post a sad blog, I mean it.

If I could just take a minute and step back from my vacation with my sister Katie, I will tell you that I cried on the subway today. I don't even consider myself to be an overly sensitive person but sometimes, life just happens.

An elderly woman stepped into the subway car today with a painful limp and said merely one sentance about providing an Easter for her children before the tears fell down her face. As she slowly hobbled through the people holding onto the poles and bars, recieving a dollar here and a dollar there, she kept crying and so did I.

This isn't the first time on this trip someone has asked for money on the subway. I have been preached to and sung to by strangers to which I keep my head down. But something was different about this lady. I wanted to help her in some way but I couldn't.

What is the series of events that leads someone down the road to begging for money on the subway? Do they look in the mirror before they go out in the morning, and tell themselves it's going to be okay? Because... is it? No. Not really.

Sometimes, I really can't take the sadness of the world.

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