Sunday, April 25, 2010

Prom Polaroids

Well folks, it is the season of Prom! My junior prom was last night, accompanied by Josh. Here are a few of the highlights... and lowlights....

Highlight of prom preparation: Taking as long as I want to get beautified.
Lowlight of prom preparation: Cutting my finger shaving. (How did that get there?)

Highlight of getting made over by my dear friend, Janna: Getting made over by my dear friend Janna.
Lowlight of getting made over by my dear friend, Janna: None. Thank you Janna!!!

Highlight of waiting for Josh to pick me up: Chit-chatting with my parents.
Lowlight of waiting for Josh to pick me up: He may or may not have gotten lost so he was a little late. (See polaroid above)

Highlight of dinner at 'China Lily': the fortune cookie. I definitely love fortune cookies.
Lowlight of dinner at 'China Lily': I spilled water all over my dress.

Highlight of promenading the promenade: A few dance company girls were there to cheer me on. Love them!!!!
Lowlight of promenading the promenade: I was so focused on not falling flat on my face, I forgot to pose on the big giant X.

Highlight of the dance itself: Dancing crazy with my buds Christine and Verina. (Also, I loved seeing everyone in their pretty dresses- Everyone, I mean absolutely everyone looked stunning.)
Lowlight of the dance itself: We left too early. (I love crazy dance.)

Highlight of after the dance: Searching for 'Hey Soul Sister' all over the radio until I finally found it.
Lowlight of after the dance: When we came out, we found the corvet had been scratched.

Highlight of PROM: Everything.
Lowlight of PROM: Nothing.

Thanks so much Josh! You're a wonderful date.


  1. Dear Alex. You are my favorite--and I love you so much! I just barely saw your blog, and I completely love it. And you. I can't wait to hear more about prom from you tomorrow, and everything! Love ya forever, Janie.

  2. Sasha,
    Wow! You look like you stepped out of the pages of VOGUE. Just lovely. Handsome date also. Love the candid photos. (Cute mom sitting in a chair:)) Glad it was a memorable prom.

  3. You are GORGEOUS!!! I'm glad you had fun at prom! :)

  4. gorgeous! absolutely stunning! sasha, you are amazing and it looks like you had a great time.