Saturday, February 20, 2010

Knock-Knock part 2

Scene 2- Opal’s house. The next day.

Opal comes on stage in her pajamas and heads straight to the door. She opens it. Lying there is Clarence.

Opal: Clarence. Clarence! CLARENCE!
Clarence wakes up suddenly.
Clarence: Opal! So lovely to see you so early today!
Opal: Well I didn’t have much of a choice you were sleeping outside my door.
Clarence: Right. About that… I just wanted to find out how last night went at the speakeasy but I came over at about 5 this morning and I realized you probably wouldn’t be awake so I just camped out here!
Opal: I can see that. It went well thank you.

Opal tries to close the door but Clarence stops her.

Clarence: (he stands up) Oh come on Opal. You can’t be mad at me just because I didn’t like your cake.
Opal: You’re right. That’s not the ONLY reason I am mad at you. You also killed Genevieve. Remember?
Clarence: If it helps, it was fast. Practically painless.

Opal’s jaw drops and she slams the door.
Clarence speaks through the door.

Clarence: What do you have if an ax falls on your car?
Opal: (irate as she opens the door) Oh let me guess! An AX-ident?
Clarence: (stunned) Yes actually. How’d you know?
Opal: UGH!

Opal slams the door again and begins to pace.
Clarence continues to speak through the door.

Clarence: Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?
Opal: (still pacing. still irate.)Actually there is! How about you bring Genevieve back to life?

Martin appears out of no where.

Martin: (rather pompously) Did someone say life?
Clarence: Is that Martin in there?
Opal: Martin! How did you get in here?
Martin: (rather self righteous and arrogant) I just did!
Opal: Oh.
Martin: I am… a DOCTOR!
Clarence: (aside) Of course he is.
Martin: I can revive life with the touch of a finger! Where is the poor soul?
Opal: Genevieve? She’s over here.

Opal shows Martin a small black box.

Martin: Stand back! I need space!
Clarence: What is he going to do? Give it mouth to mouth?

Sure enough, Martin begins to give the late Genevieve mouth to mouth and CPR.

Clarence: Why is no one answering me? Does that mean he is?

Clarence gives up and sits down on the door step.
Opal is in shock as she watches Martin perform CPR.


One last mouth to mouth later, Genevieve jumps out of Martin’s hands and now into her now water filled bowl.

Opal: Martin you did it! You saved my baby!
Martin: (wiping his hands off) Oh it wasn’t me, it was the doctor in me.

Clarence raises his hands in the air in disbelief.

Opal: Oh that’s so romantic!

Opal is now clinging to Martin’s arm as he smiles a Superman smile off into the distance. Clarence is now banging his head on the door in self pity.

to be continued...

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