Saturday, February 20, 2010

Knock-Knock part 3

Scene 3- Martin’s house

Clarence is pounding on the door.

Clarence: Martin! Open up! We need to talk!

Martin’s inside his house, sitting at a table, reading a newspaper.

Martin: I can’t hear you!

Clarence: Don’t be a baby Martin. I know you’re in there.

Martin: Oh Clarence. Just give up already. I’ve obviously won Opal over.

Clarence: No you haven’t. You’ve just caught me in a series of bad days. That’s all.

Martin opens the door, and speaks to Clarence face to face.

Martin: A series of bad days? A series of bad days? (laughs) That’s not likely. What I have observed is a lack of character. You, Clarence, are nothing but a pile of horsefeathers. Opal will never take you back because you are a liar, fish murderer, most certainly not a doctor… and you have skinny legs.

Martin slams the door in Clarence’s face. Clarence stands there, stunned. He attempts to say something back, but nothing comes out. He eventually storms off stage, silent.

to be continued...

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