Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 2 of Daniel's Summit

For some odd reason, the folks I went camping with decided to wake up at 8 am the next morning. 8AM?! It was so early and so bright and just plain painful. However, once I managed to open my eyes, I saw just how bright and beautiful nature is in the morning. Seriously. We live in a beautiful world.

We had the camp packed up in about 20 minutes and made our way to the nearest casa where we enjoyed Mickey Mouse waffles and crack syrup. HOLY SMOKIN ROLLERS! The syrup was to die for. I had 2.5 waffles because the syrup was just that incredible and I figured it would be better to get judged for eating a lot of food instead of eating the syrup off a spoon (which is what I wanted to do).

After we stuffed ourselves silly, well, I did anyway, we piled in the car with the 4-wheelers and made our way up to Daniel's Summit where we 4-wheeled to our hearts content.
Before this mini vacae, I was a 4-wheeling virgin because it always seemed to scare the heebie jeebies out of me. However, this trip changed me! It's not scary, it's... thrilling. But it definitely takes it out of ya! (Whatever 'it' is.) So, we stopped at the Daniel's Summit restaurant for lunch where I enjoyed the most scrumptious BBQ sandwich.

Before and After

Cute bunch.

Following lunch, we went back on the 4-wheelers and drove to our hearts content, until we reached the top of the mountain:
I don't know if that's what we were planning to do but somehow we found it and had some fun with pictures at the top. Here are a few:

Summit lovin.

Photo courtesy of Cassidy.
That's an important detail not to be forgotten.
My personal favorite.
While we were playing at the top, it started to drizzle a bit (no biggie) and then came the lightening (biggie) so we quickly hopped back on the 4-wheelers and hurried down the mountain in the drizzling rain which turned to pouring rain which hurt like bee stings because of the speed we were traveling. But ladies and gents, due to the skilled driving of Nate, Cierra, and Mr. C, we made it safe down the mountain and bonus, none of us got struck by lightening! Aren't we just lucky?

It would appear 4-wheeling is a dirty business.
That night I feel asleep at 10pm and woke up the next day at 8am, had some breakfast, and then went back to sleep until 12pm. This camping trip wore me OUT! However, I had a BLAST, so I believe I owe a big thank you to: my family (for letting me go), Mr. C's family (for inviting me), and nature (for being just plain rad.)

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