Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We are Utah.

A couple weeks ago, for my birthday, my good friend, DJ, asked me to accompany him to a Jazz game on the 30th of January... Ummmm has everybody been to a Jazz game but me?? WE ARE UTAH. Oh my heavens it was the greatest thing ever!! The music, the energy, the GAME! However, I'm getting ahead of myself...

DJ was planning on picking me up at 4:20pm but after not getting home from my last shift at VS until 2am that morning and then waking up a few hours later for my last shift at the doctor's office, I was exhausted by the time I got home. So exhausted in fact that when I got home at 3:00, I decided to lay down for five minutes... at 4:12 I wake up to the garage opening... My stomach dropped to the ground. Ladies and gents, 8 minutes to get ready for a date...? Impossible. However, thanks to a miracle and DJ being so kind to get gasoline beforehand, once he arrived at my house, I only made him wait in my front room for about two minutes. Not too shabby, eh?

The way up to Salt Lake was a joyous one; filled with music, jokes, and the gossip of the town (just kidding about that last part), and eventually we got off the freeway and ended up driving through and around a small neighborhood... since I am wretched with directions, I just presumed this was a special way to get to Energy Solutions but eventually, I paid attention to my surroundings and and BOOM. Where could we be the one and only Mr. and Mrs. Daren Lifferth's house!

this is them. aren't they cute?
After a few comings, goings, and shuffling around, eventually, the four of us enjoyed delicious salad, garlic bread, root beer (on tap), and pizza at Litza's Pizza. De-lish! Unfortunately though, dinner had to come to an end ultimately we bid the two lovebirds adieu and made our way to the game...

This is us at the game:
It was the funnest thing ever!!!!!!! I have been missing OUT the seven years I have been living in dear old Utah. My goodness, as mentioned before, the energy was incredible. There was cheering, and laughing, occasional booing, but most importantly, liveliness. I've been missing liveliness in my personal life recently so this was... refreshing, to say the least.

the view.

i think i found the Questar blimp a little too amusing.
but hey, it was cool, okay?

Thankfully, after a nail biting game (for me anyway) the Jazz beat the trail blazers, 93-89. Go Jazz Go! Go Jazz Go! Go Jazz Go! There was much celebrating, but the coolest of all was the streamers that came down from the ceiling on the final buzzer. That was a first, that's for sure:

Following Dare Bear and Keke being real gems and picking us up at the stadium, DJ and I drove safely back to Utah County (in Santana the Silverado), in which when we arrived to my home, we had a lovely pow wow about life, and then called it a night because unfortunately, our hectic lives that we had just spent an hour talking about, had to resume eventually.

... But I wish it didn't have to! Deej, thanks so much for my birthday present and being so kind by involving my sister and her husband as a surprise... Due to work on Sunday, I wasn't able to see her at family dinner and so I had really missed her. You're so thoughtful DJ, I really needed that. THANK YOU!!

Oh, I almost forgot! We unintentionally sat close to a friend from high school! It was quite a surprise. Here he is:

Okay, that's all.

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