Tuesday, January 17, 2012


It was my birthday on Sunday. Crazy, I know. I just had my birthday last year! But alas, 18 couldn't last forever so 19 is officially here. A HUGE thank you to all who made it so special and wished me a happy birthday, you guys are fantastic.

On a related note, here is how I celebrated:
Sunday birthdays are kind of difficult to do actual activities and since on Saturday I had school from 8-3 and then work from 5-10, this handsome young man took me out to dinner on Friday night.
Can you guess where? I will give you four hints:
1. They write their name upside-down and backwards on the table with crayon.
2. It's Italian.
3. There's opera singing randomly throughout then night.
4. The food's really good.
Did you get it? .... Macaroni Grill! I had never been there before but it is DELICIOUS! Wow. My mouth may or may not be watering just thinking of it. Thank you Mr. C, for such a wonderful dinner and night. You are the best.

As I mentioned earlier, Saturday was extremely busy with no birthday celebrations except for one indulgent thing I did... After work, I came home, changed into my footie pajamas, and watched one of my favorite movies, Tangled. Oh my, oh my it was fantastic. Thank you Rapunzel and Eugene for celebrating my birthday eve with me.

On my actual birth day, I went to church with my sister where I tattooed my hand with blue pen liberally, which was rather enjoyable.

...Oh and I also held a baby. A real live one too. Now, for many of you, this doesn't mean anything but for me? It's a break through! I love babies but they don't love me. They always cry. However, this little angel didn't! As my Mom said, It must have sensed I was 19 and responsible now. What can I say, it was a smart baby.

After church, I took a nap, played in the back yard with Brannigan, ate waffles, opened presents, watched 'Date Night' with the fam bam, had a birthday visitor, and then went to bed. Pretty eventful, right? Thank you family, for making me feel so special. I am so blessed.

Remember last year on my birthday how I got kidnapped by Mary, Jake, and Curtis? (If you don't, you can see the video HERE.) Well guess what. My birthday came and went and no kidnapping. I was safe. At least I thought... at 7:00 am on Monday morning two people enter my room and who could it be? Jake and Curtis. (Mary's at college in Idaho...) Well hello friends! I didn't see this one coming! They, along with Jake's lady friend, Maddie, took me to the International House Of Pancakes where I enjoyed a lovely plate of hasbrowns and the company of my dear, dear friends.

Afterward, I came home, slept til 12, and then left the house at 1:00 to go up to Salt Lake to visit Keke and Dare Bear, following which, the 6 of us headed down to Fashion Place in Murray where we all participated in my favorite pastime, SHOPPING. Oh heavens, it was divine. Here are just two of the many, many purchases I made thanks to a very lovely, and very patient family.

After a very productive shopping trip, we went to one of my favorite places to eat, Applebee's! I know, I'm so weird. But I love their boneless chicken wings and oriental salad. It makes me feel like I'm in heaven. And look at my beautiful family!

After a very yummy caramel ice cream birthday dessert, we came home and watched 'The Bachelor' with friends. Their drama makes me feel better about my own drama:)

My goodness, what a wonderful few days. I can't thank my lovely friends and family enough for their love and kindness towards me on not only my birthday but also every day of the year. Sometimes I forget it, but I am an extremely blessed individual with love all around. Thanks everyone. Y'all are the best, thee absolute best.


  1. Like. A lot. Thanks for letting me come along to several of these festivities! You're lovely.

  2. Yes, I agree, you are lovely. You are also smart a good writer and a wonderful person in all repects. I am so proud of you and all that you are,\Love, Grandpa Agle

  3. I hope you are continuing to celebrate so you will overlook my tardy birthday wishes:) I have a sweet 72 year old gal friend who has taught me that we should celebrate out birthdays the entire month. I like that idea..."Happy Happy" to one of my favorite gals in the whole world:)