Saturday, September 4, 2010

Watermelon Matter

Once upon a time, I got asked to homecoming by a British chap named Daniel. He and I became friends last year in English. I would talk to him in a British accent and he would talk back to me in a heavier British accent. I'm sure we sounded absolutely ridiculous but it was a party and you can't mess with that.

He asked me using a bag of jolly ranchers and a sign that said, 'It would be "jolly good" if you went to the dance with me." Clever, eh? And inside one of the jolly ranchers was his name. So I decided I needed to answer back with a British saying as well. I decided to do this by writing a note that said, "It would be 'smashing' to go to homecoming with you" and the plan was to put the note inside a smashed watermelon on his porch. It sounds easy enough, right? Wrong.

First of all, I parked the car in an awkard place because his house is in an awkard type corner so I knew getaway was going to be pretty tricky. Second, he has censor lights and huge windows. That was difficult to get around.

So when I get to his doorstep, I place the watermelon on his front door step and lightly swing the hammer onto the watermelon... but nothing happens. So this next time, I take the hammer and swing with all my might and KABOOM! Watermelon goes flying everywhere. It is on his door, his steps, his plants, my clothes.... it was a juicy one. So in a panic, I quickly rang the doorbell, sprinted to the car and drove away like the wind!

That night I found watermelon matter in my hair. Cute.

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