Saturday, September 18, 2010

cat woman... in a good way.

Homecoming in a Nutshell. On my mark... Get set... Go!

Exactly one week ago I went to the one and only Homecoming dance, 'A Night in Paris'. (There was French music playing as we walked into the dance and everything.... It was from Ratatouille but still.)

The day date was definitely what I would call a success. There were about 9 or so couple and we played games at the park. My date Daniel and I put a little spin on each one to liven it up a bit. My favorite game we invented was three-legged kickball. It's very dangerous. Especially when your partner is 6'8.... but we all survived so don't you worry! I invite you all to try it sometime.

After the park we went to the local grocery store and got 'Kong Cones'. As in King Kong. As in a gallon of ice cream for $1.89. As in I still can't believe I ate most of it. And I'm pretty sure I would have eaten the whole thing if I didn't smash it in Daniel's face... Sorry Daniel! Except now that I think about it, I'm not very sorry because he smashed it back!!!! In my hair!!!!

I got ready in ONE hour. That includes an unscheduled shower (thank you sticky ice-cream hair) make up and hair. Boom. Roasted. ps A special thank you to my dear sister, Keke for helping me! You are a life saver!

Dinner was at Los Hermanos. I couln't decide what to get so I got what they call a 'sampler'. Now this is a new concept to me. It has a little bit of everything!!! Oh my stars it was amazing! And for dessert we had churros which tasted like Disneyland churros. I give Los Hermanos about oh, say.... 22 stars.

At the dance we decided to do pictures first. But here's the thing. Daniel and I wanted an epic picture so we decided that he was going to jump into my arms as opposed to how it's normally done, visa versa. However, I forgot he was 6'8 and kind of a beast. So on the count of 3 he jumped into my arms and HELLO FLOOR! We crashed to the ground. It was real. It was fun. It was real fun. (We ended up having the photographer pose us and he made me pull his tie and pop my hip. It sounds dumb but that was better than his initial idea. I won't go into detail but it involves me biting his tie. Wha?!?! Yes, no thank you.)

After pictures we crazy danced. Party. Oh and I got told I looked like Cat Woman... 'in a good way.'

And that my friends, was homecoming in a nutshell.

Thank you so much Daniel for a fabulous time!

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