Saturday, September 25, 2010

the mug in the microwave

Mama and I on a foggy day in London town in 2006
I woke up from my nap today absoultely starving. (Which is strange because last night, I shared a 50 piece chicken mcnugget combo from McDonalds... with three other people, but still.) So I looked in the fridge and found a vegetable dish thing-a-ma-wonder that we had for dinner the other night, got it out, put it in a bowl, opened the microwave and there it was. A mug in the microwave. It may not seem like anything to you, but let me tell you the story behind it...

That mug in the microwave belongs to my Mother dear. I presume it was going to be used for hot chocolate but it never made it to the hot chocolate powder part. And would you like to know why? I can only make assumptions from previous mug in the microwave incidents but it is that my Mom got preoocuppied with something else. And I can guarantee you it was not something to do with herself. It was probably tending to my sick sister or writing my other sister a letter. Or maybe it was cleaning my room, that's right, my room. Sometimes she does that as a little surprise for me and it always makes me jump for joy. Literally. But the point is that I can promise you she did not forget her mug in the microwave because her favorite TV show was on, or she decided to paint her nails. It was most certainly for selfless purposes and for that, I am forever grateful to my Mom.

Mom, I love you so much and can only hope to be half as amazing as you one day.
Ps. Your mug is still in the microwave.

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  1. I love this little tribute to you wonderful Mum:) And can I say that I often forget about my mug in the microwave. I like herbal tea:)