Saturday, March 13, 2010

wet dogs.

me and l'abish immediately after our walk.
nous sommes mouillé

My big chunk of a pup, Abish, and I went on a rainy walk today. We were thoroughly enjoying ourselves until a boy of about 22 joined us on the sidewalk. He was a few awkward paces behind us and I couldn't get Abish to go faster to widen the awkwardness. Heavens. Sometimes, she can be as slow as molasses. He eventually passed us- awkward- so we ended up being behind him which I think is the less awkward of the positions.

Soooo we're just strolling along the sidewalk when a husband and wife come out of their front door, hand in hand, and join in our line of awkwardness. Great.

I felt like I should have asked them their names, where they were born and what they wanted to do with their lives. We were all just, that close. So picture this: Four people, plus a dog, in a ridiculously close proximity on a sidewalk that never ends. Charming? Yes, for you I'm sure.

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