Thursday, March 11, 2010

jovial. ness.

My blogger friend and real life friend, Coryn, has introduced me to a new artist who I very much like! Her name is Meaghan Smith. She is really the cutest thing since cheese. Check out her website here. I love her style and voice. Tres, tres magnifique.

On another note, this week has been quite wonderful. And why shouldn't it have been? Every week has potential, it's how we look at it, riiiiiiight? It has been rainy and sunny. My two favorite weathers!!! Mother Nature loves me this week, I suppose!

On an even nother note, (I may have just made that phrase up) this weekend my Mommy, Daddy and I are going to go see Alice in Wonderland. Pumped. The end. Also, I'm having a photo shoot with a dear friend Schmeve, and going to a birthday party for the resident cutie, Kenya, (pronounced like the country- gorgeous right?) where I will see lots of people who I haven't seen for approximately 6 months.

Life is good. It truly is.

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad you like her music. She's so delightful.