Thursday, February 26, 2009


What do I do when I'm sick?
  1. Make fish faces in the mirror (see picture)
  2. Eat chocolate frosting I don't even like out of the pot
  3. Blast Taylor Swift
  4. Attempt to sing along but am physically unable to because I have no voice
  5. Watch something touching like Extreme Makeover Home Edition
  6. Put off my homework for as long as humanly possible
  7. Count how many times my dog snores in one minute
  8. Squirm and fidget until I get into a comfortable position
  9. Drink bottles and bottles of juice
There's about 4 sniffles and 10 coughs per 20 seconds. Darn cold.

I went to school today even though I am dying from the black lung. However, I took cold medicine and I think everyone could tell. Today the world was hilarious. Everything was funny. Everything. I couldn't help but laugh. We ate outside for lunch today and I took the opportunity to sun bathe. I sprawled out on the ground and ate my apple with my eyes closed. One of my friends said, "There's a fly on your apple." I really wanted my apple but not if it had been contaminated, and so I threw it on the ground. (for the record, this is NOT littering. It's with the grass where it will disintegrate and do one of two things. A) create better fertilizer or B) grow an apple tree!) Then I hear my sister say, "Not your apple, mine!" Since when had she been eating an apple? So yes I did waste my apple but also yes, I did get a good laugh out of that.
NOTE TO SELF: open eyes before throwing apple away

ps My mommy read my blog last night. She said in days gone by I would be considered a flower child! I really like that and so that is just fine with me. ;)

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