Monday, February 23, 2009


my sisters and i in the airport on our way to england

I feel like writing about me entire day. And what a day it was! Oh my goodness. It was full of ups and downs and all arounds, I tell ya.
It started this morning at 4:45 am. Yes, that is what time I wake up every school day. Crazy huh? But not really. You see, I do it so I can attend early morning sem
inary at my high school. It is tough while in the now, but will most definitely be worth it in the future. PS i love my seminary teacher. He is so great! He is lively and fun in the early early morning... something I lack at 6:30 am... go figure.

Next was good ol' French. Je parle francaise! Bam! I believe I just said, 'I speak French.' I'm not sure though, I am only in French 1... and not very good at it at the moment. But one day I'll shock the universe and be fluent. Did you know tomorrow is mardi gras? Well today, my class celebrated it and only word can sum it up: YUM. There were donuts and cake and even Lucky Charms. Life is good in that class.

Afterwards was US History. There's not much to say about that class. It is not my favorite. But the curriculum is required....

DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA! I love drama class. It is my favorite. Unfortunately, after working very hard over the weekend on my performance/assignment, I did not get to do it today. Sad huh? Well at least I'll have more time to prepare.

Last class of the day was English. We are learning about Iran and Iranian literature. I have learned so much about the middle east. It is a stereotyped country! I alway
s believed it was a hostile country but from studying Iranian literature, we have studied Iranian culture and have found how friendly those in the country are! They seem like some of the nicest people you will ever meet. If you, like me before the class, do not understand the middle east, more specifically Iran, then I invite you to watch, Rick Steve's Iran. It is a BRILLIANT documentry on Iranian culture. Really, it will change the way you think. It is packed with facts and personal interviews and I think Rick Steve (the interviewer/ journalist/ traveler/ host ) may have even gone to BYU. (Let's hear it for the Cougs!)

After school I decided to audition for the One Act Play that my drama teacher, Mr. B, takes to region drama every year. I think it very well. I read a monologue given by 'Sylvette' from the play, The Romancers. It read:

Not a Soul. Will the letter be there to-day as usual? Every day some gallant has left one for me. Ah, here is my mail! "Sylvette, heart of marble, this is the last letter you will find in this tree. Why have you not answered me?" Ah, what style! "The love that gnaws at my vitals!"
Monsieur Percinet has gone forth into the great world, and he is right. I shall do as he has done. How can I possibly stay here and die of ennui? Now let hime come, I am re
ady to fly with him! I almost love him already!

I interrpereted it to seem as a hopeless romantic with a purpose. I read the play over the weekend. It is hilarious! Yet so complicated. But, that's how most things are, I guess.

When I finished my reading, he said, and I quote, "That was very good Sasha." Hooray! That felt like an honest, genuine, no agenda compliment! It felt
real. He then went on to tell me that he may change some guy parts to girl parts and that whatever happens, I had a good reading. Yikes. Whatever happens? Oh boy... but I am not the oldest who tried out and I know that because he is so nice, he will give the older people the oppertunity to be in the show because the younger people will have more chances. Does that make sense?
my sisters and i at the beach

So now I'm home. Procrastinating my homework yet justifying it for writing on my blog. Goodness me. But what's a girl to do? I give today 6 stars. It could have gone better
and it could have gone worse. But for the record, things can always go better, just because no one's perfect... you know?


So, I should probably fill you in by mentioning that I recently decided I wanted to ask some one to MORP (that's prom spelled backwards and girls choice) It is just
meant to be fun fun fun! So I did on Friday night, and tonight I got my answer back. It is a French pastry with yes on the top! It was very fun. The actual dance should be even more fun! :)
the answer

Well that does it for me today. I'll write again shortly but until then (as the great Heidi Klum says) Auf Wiedersehen.

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