Saturday, February 28, 2009


daddy and i

I wish I was born on February 29th. How awesome would that be? When would I celebrate my birthday? Would I be anxious and celebrate on the 28th? Or would I be able to keep still and celebrate March 1st? I do not know the answer to these questions but I do know I would be 4 years old.

Today I went on a walk with my oldest sister Danielle. It was so fun to walk in the BEAUTIFUL weather we are experiencing. It really is perfect weather. As 'Miss Congeniality' says, "... all you need is a light jacket!" Really, that's all you need in this glorious sunshine.

After that I went driving with my Daddy in... the church parking lot. I know. I know. I'm 16 and I don't drive on the road. But I didn't have room in my school schedule this year! So the plan is to do it over the summer. But I don't want to be 100% green when I go hence the parking lot.
My Daddy likes to pretend there are actually cars in the spaces and so the rule is that I can't go through the yellow lines. Out of nowhere, a boy comes in on his skateboard and I immediately cut corners and went through lines and Dad says, "You're killing the imaginary cars!" And what do I say? "I'd rather kill imaginary cars then real boys!!!!" Glorious. It was sure funny. And THEN when I was reversing, I thought the brakes would switch to the gas since I was in reverse and (ok I know that sounds dumb but it made sense in my head.) .... The important thing is that we are alive and well.... very well thankyouverymuch.

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