Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I laid in bed last night thinking about the world.
I thought about how much I love it.
This is an interesting concept because, how many times do you say, "I love you Earth." ? (Other then on Arbor day of course.) All I know is that I don't say it enough. I don't say that I'm grateful for the Earth. I don't say how much I love the details. For example, what's better than rolling down grass hills and then being insanely itchy afterwards?
Nothing. That's what.
What's better than sticking out your tongue in the rain hoping for just one rain drop?
Nothing. That's what.
I think I'm beginning to see what a spoiled person I am. I have always thought of the materialistic things to love. Like toys or clothing etc. But what about the free stuff aka nature.

Have you ever seen the commercials for Mastercard credit cards? They're awesome. I love how they go through the materialistic things that cost money, and finally, the last thing is priceless.

I think I have stolen their idea, well maybe not their idea, since this idea has most likely, most hopefully, been around since the beginning of time. But I also hope to keep it very much alive.

ps i invite you to check out this link. it is VERY sweet:

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