Thursday, March 14, 2013

praying for morgan

I woke up at 4am this morning to go to work.
After work I did laundry.
Cleaned up the house.
Took a nap.
Woke up to the sound of crying.
Went to the living room to find my roommate in tears.
"My Mom died."
My heart stopped.
I sat down next to her.
She cried some more.
Stopped, then said, "I need to go to the computer lab."
"Can I come with you?" I asked
"It's okay," she responeded.
5 minutes.
10 minutes.
15 minutes.
What was taking so long?
I made my way to the computer lab.
Found her at computer 15.
Requested computer 16.
Sat next to her as she stared at the blank screen for 10 minutes.
Eventually she stood up and left.
I followed.
"Morgan, what can I do?"
There was nothing I or really anyone could do to help her feel better.
But I settled on making pizza together while listening to Backstreet Boys.
During the process of dinner she made and received several phone calls having to tell the story of her mother's sudden death over, and over, and over again.
She moved to our room and started packing up some things to take home since she'll be taking a week or two off.
I moved to our room and pretended to act busy on my laptop but the truth is I was tired.
I just wanted to go to sleep.
But I dare not leave her by herself right now.
She is so strong.
I have to be strong for her too.
She is now in the shower.
And I'm sitting her in front of my laptop.
Tears streaming down my face.
Death is hard.
Wish I could take away everyone's pain.
Wish I could hug my own Mom right now.
Makes me wonder if I'm doing the right thing, not being in even the same state as my own family right now.
One never knows how much time we have.
I could be gone tomorrow.
You could be gone tomorrow.
Hug your loved ones a little tighter tonight.
Comforted by the fact that I know families can be forever. 
The shower has stopped.
I should probably go now.
A long night ahead of us.
We are sleeping with the lights on per her request.
Praying for Morgan.
You may join me if you like.


  1. Prayers for Morgan from home, too. For you, too. Love you.

  2. I'll join in on the prayers. That poor girl.
    What a good friend/roommate you are!