Saturday, March 23, 2013

Foxy and Killer

One of Elder Boyfriend's first companions was named Elder Fox, a ginger who was also from Utah! Their companionship has been over for quite some time but I recently connected with Elder Fox's girlfriend who, drumroll please, is also from Utah. Hip, hip hooray for Utahns!  

One thing I learned was that Elder Fox called Elder Boyfriend, 'Killer' and Elder Boyfriend called Elder Fox, 'Foxy'. Hilarious.

Here they are rocking the glasses I got them for Halloween.
Don't they just look stunning?


  1. Well, my maiden name was Fox and so on my mission I was "Sister Foxy"...hahaha (Wonder if he is a relative?)

  2. Ooooh Sister Foxy, in that case, I think you two MUST be related. Red hair and awesomeness is not a common combination, ya know:)