Monday, March 4, 2013

la nouba

On the first day of my Disney internship, I went to a building (I have no idea exactly what building it was but it was an office building of some sort... anyway!) to do lots and lots of paperwork and on the way there, I looked out the window from the bus and saw a big white tent. "What's that?" I asked the girl next to me. "That's Cirque Du Soleil," she said. It was then that I learned the show, La Nouba is in Downtown Disney year round. Immediately, I knew I would be going there at least once while I was living here in Florida.

That 'one day' was Wednesday of last week. Ladies and gents, MY LIFE HAS BEEN CHANGED. You think I'm kidding, don't ya. Well, I'm not. It was AMAZING. My friend from work, Vince, and I grabbed a bite first at Wolfgang Puck express where I experienced one of the most lovely salads of my entire life. Good job Wolfgang.

Then, we excitedly hurried over to the big white tent where we found our seats, which was in the front row, I might add. When purchasing the tickets before dinner, the ticket master asked me if I wanted to sit in the back or the front and after much delibration (I'm serious when I say 'much' because I'm really bad at making decisions), I decided on the front because I wanted to feel like I was in the show with them... I think I made the right choice. I loved that I could hear their footsteps upon the marly and their controlled breathing during the breaks in music. Oh how I adored every single second of it.

...Except, it was also very stressful for me. I'm the kind of person that gets nervous when I watch the Olympics so being so up close and personal to the acrobats made me feel that much more anxious for them. I know they do this stuff twice a day every day but I was still worried they would mess up and consequently, well, uh, die. Thankfully, no one died but I did manage to recreate my facial expressions throughout the performance for your enjoyment:

And that was that! I didn't want it to ever end. How are people so talented?!? Like seriously. I wonder how it feels to be so awesome... Well! If you haven't seen La Nouba, I highly recommend it. Like highly. HIGHLY PEOPLE! Cirque Du Soleil cast, y'all are amazing. I know you must hear that all the time so you probably have big heads but that's okay by me. You deserve it. Thank you, Cirque, for providing me with such a beautiful and inspiring evening! It made me wish I could join the circus. But, as my friend Vince pointed out, what would I do?... And to that I respond, well, what couldn't I do! (As a side note however, guys. Seriously. What could I do??? If anyone wants to help me out and teach me the skills of contorting my body, that would be very much appreciated. K thanks.)

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