Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be Mine, Valentine.

Did you know I take pictures every Valentine's Day?  
Yes, it's a weird tradition, but I think it happens because I simply just love love and I want to celebrate it.
And I love the joy one inevitably feels from this holiday. 
Click HERE for my photos from 2010 (just for kicks).
(Don't I look so different now?)
A big thanks to Dano for getting me the coolest heart shaped twinkle lights for my birthday (which decorate the white asylum walls of my bedroom all year round), which I used in this shoot.

How were all of your Valentine's Days? 
Lovey, dovey and mushy, I hope. 
I had a pretty great day, myself. 
Elder BF certainly did not forget about me!
(He's such a keeper.)
But I'll have to tell you about it a little bit later because right now, I can hear the sound of the rain beating on my windows and roof and therefore, my bed stacked high with blankets and pillows, herbal raspberry tea, and my favorite movie of all time, You've Got Mail are all calling my name. 
Happy heart day, my friends!

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