Saturday, February 9, 2013

20 Things (2 of2)

20 year old me.
  1. I hate, hate, HATE sharing my food with people who have their own. It's a completely different story if you're going hungry and you don't have any but if you do say, have your own lunch, and you ask  for a piece of chicken, I will give it to you but my insides will grrrr.  
  2. I have had the same signature since I was 13 years old. My sister Keke came up with it for me because she's artsy and cool and I'm not.  
  3. Oh how I dislike wearing mismatched socks. I got dressed in the dark the other morning and I made the mistake of grabbing one blue Nike sock and one teal Nike sock. Needless to say I felt very confused all day long.
  4. I noticed something weird in high school (seriously, be prepared to have your mind BLOWN). There have been lots of cutie patootie boys in my girl world and the majority of them have had the same initials. First name begins with a 'B' and the last name begins with a 'J'. How have they all had the same initials??? But that's not all. My whole life was just a teensy bit off. By like, one letter. Just move the B and the J forward and you get C and K. (Your jaw is open, isn't it. I told you so.)
  5. My first daughter's name will be 'Harper' and if anyone in my family steals it, we will have to have a discussion.
  6. I make promises. And I always keep them, ALWAYS. Except for one. I have broken one promise in my whole life and it haunts me every day. But the point is that it was so stupid. In tenth grade I sat in front of a girl who was on the ballroom dance team and one day before the bell rang she asked me if I was going to go to her ballroom concert that weekend because, she did, after all, come to mine the weekend before that. Guilt stricken, I told her yes, of course I would go... I didn't.
  7. My last tooth fell out in 3rd grade but I never gave it to the tooth fairy because I was sad that I no longer had any baby teeth left.
  8. In the Fall of 2011 I was highly considering going to FIT because they have a cool degree there, seriously it's awesome. It's called, 'Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design AAS'. It incorporates a lot of my interest areas and did I mention it was in New York City????? Awesome. However, in April of 2012, Mr. C got his mission call to... New York, New York. So bye bye FIT! I don't think I could really handle being in the same state (city even--) as him while he was on his mission.
  9. I have a book of lists, why? Because I like making lists, and it keeps my brain in order. The lists include my favorite foods, favorite musicians, possible majors, favorite quotes, the recipe for a perfect day, and how to say 'thank you' in 15 languages.
  10. I can (and do) quote every single episode of 'The Office', often with my sisters but mostly by myself. If you ever want me to prove it, I'd be more than happy to.

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