Sunday, July 17, 2011

lagoon avec mon petit ami

Remember that one time I went to Prom with Curbs? Well the day date was supposed to be Lagoon. (a themepark her in UT) but it was raining so we decided not to go. Well yesterday, we celebrated our prom day date by actually going! It was tres, tres fun.

This is me and Curbs. Here we are in line for log flume. (It was 91 degrees outside. And I was in black jeans. Yeah, we tried to go on as many water rides as possible.)

This is Curtis' cute face, and this is my cute face. Hmmm one of these faces is cuter than the other. And it's not mine... pity.

This is an ode to my Dad. Captain Honolulu!

Okay pause. We saw a SWEET show with acrobats. Lots and lots of acrobats. And they were so cool! Oh my heavens. It made me wish I was an acrobat. Goodness, I have so much respect for people who have worked and worked and worked to a point where they truly become like... not human.

Look, look! We rode a ride with this on it. Why are there two s's though? Because it's German.

Little kid faces. Lips. That's all I've got to say about that.

This is us. You can call us Calex, or Alurtis. But either way, it's us. At that point we had been wet and dried, wet and dried again, and extremely wind swept.

Angry faces. Insert grrr hair. We did that a lot yesterday.

And in this final shot, we are on a ride. (As you can possibly/probably tell from the shadows of my hair flyng on my face.)

So I think what I am trying to say is, THANKYOU CURBS! For prom in April, for prom in July, and for being you. You are the best. The very, very best.

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