Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hey Jude

Last week, a couple girls and I went to Provo's outdoor rooftop concert. Can it get get better than that?! It was absolutely wonderful. Why? Because there was lots of laughing, pictures, singing (a Beatles sing-a-long mind you), and fireworks (to the song, 'Hey Jude')! Oh, and a hottie boom ba lottie 50's man that we stalked. Therefore, thank you Provo, for being awesome. I heart you.


  1. I'm so jealous! Was this C. Jane Kendrick's rooftop thing? I almost considered driving all the way out there just to go to that! Lucky duck! I hope it was as fun as it looks on these blogs! you are lucky to live in Provo, there is so much to do there!

  2. So fun to see you there! Thanks for shouting out to me. Hope you got my air kisses:) Glad you had a great time! Love you.

  3. Miss Emily Heizer this most certainly was C Jane's concert. It was fantastic! And Sister Cope, I apologize for calling you by your first name but I was overjoyed to see you and simply just had to get your attention!