Tuesday, July 26, 2011

beauty. lots of it.

There was lots of beauty this evening.
First, there was a sunset. So, naturally, I ran outside in my pj's and high bun to go capture it. Unfortunately, I forgot that cars would be driving by on the street. I got honked at multiple times. [Beacause of my beauty, obviously;)]

Then, Dano delighted me by letting me play and do her make up. Here's a close up of her eyes. Ain't she perty? I can't handle it. [Oh and look at those white choppers.] Hot dang girl, hot dang.

ps. wanna be on TV? go to to be apart of a stuio audience tomorrow. you get to sit, look pretty, and listen to some AMAZING talent. how does it tie in with this post, you ask? easy. isn't that just a beautiful thought?