Monday, January 31, 2011

Six things I learned from being pulled over...

6. (pre popo sighting) First off, don't stay too late at your friend's house. Set your alarm or wear a watch on your forehead and bring a hand held mirror so you can constantly look at it but just DON'T LEAVE LATE.
5. (pre popo sighting) Don't speed. Even if no one is on the road with you. Don't do it. Even if it's an accident and you simply don't notice that you're gong X mph over the speed limit.
4. Don't speed up when you see the flashng lights behind you. Yep, I confess. Tht was my first thought. But don't worry, my right mind kicked in and said, "ARE YOU STUPID?!?!" It worked and I slowed down. However it was super, super awkward because I got stuck at a light and the police car was behind me. Don't worry my heart was racing the entire red light. Longest red light ever.
3. Know where your registration is. Specifically. I knew it was in the glove box but I gave Officer R every piece of paper in there before I gave him the right one. Awkward.
2. Pray. And pray hard. When Officer R went back to his car with my license and registration, I prayed. A lot. A ticket right now? No bueno. (However, when is a ticket ever convenient...)
1. Don't cry. Or cry. I can't decide. I held it together until he came back to my car and said, "Have you ever had a ticket before?" Cue the sobs. That's right. They were extremely attrative. As soon as I started crying a wee bit uncontrollably, his facial exression softened a bit and he started to talk to me about deers and such. (Apparently 5-6 deers are hit a week on universtiy ave. Sad huh.) Finally he said, "... so I'll just give you a warning tonight. Can you promise to be more aware of the speed limit?" You bet I can!!!! And the absolute last thing he said before he went to his car... "And Alexandra, next time you get a ticket, try not to cry as much." Okay Officer R. I'll try my darndest not to. But you guys are scary!

However, thank you SO much for your kindness. You were just doing your job and I truly appreciate your service to the city.

PS please don't pull me over anytime again soon. I've been traumatized and can't say I'll get over it anytime soon.... JK but seriously...

PS surprise daddy!


  1. Oh Alex that is a bummer! but it is kinda a cute story!!

  2. Oh Alex, I love you so. Thank you for your story....p.s. Cry or Don't Cry? it's a tough one.

  3. The things you come across reading a daughter's blog...