Sunday, February 6, 2011


Happy belated birthday Papa.
You are amazing, did you know that?

You are such an incredible example to me.

You have taught me how to dream and pursue that dream.

Enough can't be said about you Paps.
Nothing could ever serve you justice.

I love you Daddy.

We all do. (Mommy, Dano, Keke and I. Oh and Abbey)

And I know of many, many others who do too.

I am so blessed to have you as a Father.

Love always, Sashy


  1. Quite possibly the best blog post ever! Thanks, pal. Love you.

  2. Thank heavens you didn't smear your paps, because that would mean we'd have a... Just having fun. You do have an amazing Dad.

  3. Not only is he an amazing dad, he is an amazing son as well. You just gotta love him.

    Dad Agle