Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thank you. Kindly.

I have already written a post for the new year. But before I publish it, I feel that I need to thanks 2010 for being so good to me. It was a year of firsts, that is for sure. And I am so grateful for every single person I encountered in those 365 days. Even the mean ones; the ones who flipped me off while driving, or the ones who said unkind things behind my back. To you I say, thank you. Thank you for teaching me about myself and for helping me learn who I do not want to be like! And to those of you who were genuinely kind to me and my family, to you I say, I will forever be in your debt. I want to be like you.
And for those of you who I have never met but just read this blog, thank you for staying with me. Here are the highlights from each month (click on each month to see the post):

I became obsessed with the tv show, LOST.
My Dad's show hit the stage with a sold out audience EACH night.
I went to NYC for a week and visited my sister, Katie.
Junior Prom.
My phone was STOLEN. It was very traumatizing.
Health care camp. Now that was fun.
July was just the best month ever. Truly, it was my most favorite month of the year. So July's link will just be the entire month!
The shooting star dance was born.
JOHN MAYER CONCERT. okay okay so this was actually August 31st but I didn't write about it until September 1st soooo this'll have to do.
GNOs. Good for the soul.
The cinnamon challenge.... was painful.
Temple square with a cashmella.
Now that sounds like an amazing year! Thank you world for being so good to me. I am so blessed. Oh and I love you. With all my heart.

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