Monday, September 21, 2009

Listerine Spray

Today I sprayed Listerine spray in my eye. You know that stuff? Modern day binaca. (Actually, funny story. I was 'Bianca' in Taming of the Shrew last year at school and my drama teacher used to always call me binaca and laugh. Each time he said it. Which was many times... bless him. He really is great. ANYWHO!) Here's the thing though, I don't even have a cool story to go along with it! I was sitting in choir class, talking to my dear friend Erin, saying, "This thing never works!" And as I try to pump it, SQUIRTTTTT. Yes. Right in the right cornea. After laughing for about 2 minutes straight, with tears rolling down my face, some from the laughing and others from my irritated eyeball, I was able to compose myself and deal with my eye. It felt icy cold. Kind of like how your mouth feels after you rinse it with mouth wash.... However, after an 86 minute class, the redness went down ( a bit) and I could see just fine. I'm actually surprised it didn't have the reaction like pouring salt on a snail (I HAVE NEVER DONE THAT) - I'm lucky to be alive.

It is still a little irritated now. And to be honest, I think it looks smaller than my left eye. My buddy Mary says it looks normal though. But I will survive... however, I'm a little disappointed. You see, I have always wanted an eye patch. Better luck next time I guess.

my buddy "listy"

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