Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hi there, welcome to Cracker Barrel!

How would you like your eggs?
The difference between country ham and sugar ham is that sugar ham is sweeter.
Coke products.
Im sorry, no limes, just lemons.
How does that look to ya?
2 sides.
Is it alright that that costs a little extra?
Biscuits, corn bread, or both?
We sure do serve breakfast all day every day!
Today we have potato soup and vegetable soup.
Would you like any dessert tonight?
I've worked here about 4 months.
Blueberry pancakes (with extra butter), it's the best thing on the menu!
Unsweetened or sweetened?
We don't have fry sauce but we do have ketchup and mayo.
Dressing comes on the side.
I'm sorry, meatloaf/baked potatoes will be another hour.
A1 or Heinz 57?
I'm sorry, grits are unsubstitutable.
For your convenience, I'll just set your ticket here on the side, but please no rush, I'll be around for absolutely anything you need.


  1. Whatever you do you seem to do it always with a smile and a great attitude. I'd love to have you serve me when I go to CB.

  2. Adorable as always! - I've always wanted to be a waitress!!