Sunday, June 10, 2012

Art City Days 2012

In the summer of June 2010, Mr. C and I went to the Art City Days carnival and shared a surprisingly non-awkward night of rides and fun. (The word 'non-awkward' is used because it was the first time we had ever spent time alone. That's right, no double (or triple) dates, and no group hang outs. It was a big deal.) To this day it is one of my most favorite memories.

And so... because I'm sappy and nostalgic, Mr. C and I have gone to the carnival each year since. While there, we enjoy memories, The Zipper, and the occasional ball throwing contest. It's quite fantastic.

Here are some photos from the big event:

Apparently I was making fun of Mr. C right before I snapped this shot.
Me? Make fun of Mr. C?
Mr. C's first carasouel ride EVER.
It was monumental.
He loved it.
Taking a picture during a carasouel is not an easy task.
Best ride ever.
Funniest ride ever.
We found this amusing.
Bye bye carni.

We'll be sure to go when he gets back... which will end up being in three years... but still.
It'll be a part-ay.
Thank you Art City Days!
The smell of your over-priced Philly Cheese Steaks and hot scones never seem to let me down.