Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tonight We Egg Dyed.

I dyed eggs for the first time tonight.
Yes, Easter is over but that means yes, all supplies were on sale.
(And so was all the Easter candy, but don't worry, I resisted.)

DJ was super thrilled to get his picture taken.
We chose princess eggs because, well, why not?
The box came with friendship bracelets.
And that is why I love Disney.
I was able to wear the apron that Dare Bear's Mama made me.
Ca-ute! (And I didn't even get it dirty.)
Pretty colors.
While we waited for our eggs to dye, we skyped Mr. C.
The poor guy had a paper to write so he couldn't join us.
Finished product.
What a success! It was quite fun and I can finally check it off my bucket list.
However, I've got a question for the world:
Now that I've dyed the eggs, what do I do now?
Eat them?
Stare at them?
I suppose I will never know.

1 comment:

  1. As an expert with many years of egg coloring with our kids, including your Dad. Eat them! That is after you have enjoyed looking at them to your hearts content.

    Grandpa Agle