Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just got back from the rehearsal dinner:

It was...

so sweet.
so lovie dovie.
so tender.
so googley eye-ish.
so humorous.
so uplifting.
so humbling.
so beautiful.
In the morning my sister will no longer be K.S.A but K.S.L. (no tv channel pun intended-- but that's not the point.) I can barely believe it as I am typing this. Her life is about to change for the better in a GIGANTIC way and I am so incredibly happy for her. Katie, I know you won't read this for a couple days but I just want to publicly say how proud of you I am and thank you for being such a wonderful example to me. Good luck, Keke. You are beautiful in every single way and I am so blessed to call you my sister. Love you.

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