Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hello from Orlando.

I had the awesome experience of being an extra
in the Indiana Jones show at Hollywood Studios
Did I drop off the face of the earth? Why yes, yes I did. And for that, I am so sorry! Can I promise it will never ever happen again? Well, no, no I cannot. I'm also sorry for that. Ya see, this Disney internship is keeping me insanely busy. I wouldn't have it any other way because I am having the time of my life and learning such valuable life lessons but it does mean my blog suffers a bit.

But here's a quick update:
  • I work all day every day most days. Right now I'm averaging 40 hours/week but closer to the holidays I will be working 60 hours/week. Eeek!
  • My Daddy and sissy came to visit me a couple weeks ago...... IT WAS THE BEST. I was so stressed (yes, I love my job but like all jobs, it does come with its stresses) and they were so good to me to take time out of their lives and pay me a visit. We played in the parks, ate out, and shopped. Such a lovely vacation, thank you Daddy and Dano.
I love my family more than anything in
the entire world

  • I came down with the flu about a week ago and though I am over the worst of it, I can't seem to kick the last cold-like symptoms! Gah it is the worst. I guess it's time to O.D on water, sleep, and vitamin C!
  • One of my housemates left the program so now our 6 girl apartment has only 5 girls. We don't know if the space will be filled or not. I suppose only time will tell!
  • Curtis has been out nearly 100 days. Holy smokin' rollers is this real life?! Soon there will only be six more of those sets left. I can't wait.
Elder Boyfriend looking cute as always

  • I am meeting so many amazingly talented people it's unreal. In my department though, it's rare to work with the same people day after day so keeping everybodys name straight is very tricky! (Thank goodness for the name tags though, right?) But despite that small detail, I feel so blessed to even be associating with these big guns. What's cool about Disney management is that they pay attention to the little guys... like me. I'm a little guy. But guess what? They still talk to me, listen to me, and coach me. It's awesome! And also something I have never experienced before. I feel important in the work place.
  • The new Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom is INCREDIBLE. Maybe it's because I'm obsessed with Disney princesses but the new castles, shops, and rides give me goosebumps every time!
I spy with my little eye... Belle at Epcot

  • In a couple weeks I am going to have the most amazing opportunity that sadly I cannot share the details of, but just know it's happening and I can't wait!
  • In a couple months I am going to have another awesome opportunity that sadly I also cannot share the details of but I am anxiously waiting for it to begin!
  • I was about 10 feet from a certain Wheel of Fortune star yesterday and I didn't even notice. Yes, I know who she is and I would be able to recognize her face but I was kind of in my own little world at the time because I was training for a new attraction that I have the privilege to be apart of. My bad.
Oh my goodness gracious, is this my life?! I have to pinch myself about 937 times a day! There are good moments and not-so-good moments of each day but overall, each day is magical and I feel so blessed that I get to share that magic with guests from all over the world.

Cute family on the infamous tram
The best drivers in all of Disney World
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil on Space Mountain


  1. Sounds like you are having a blast with some amazing experiences! What is the church like down there? Are you going to a single's ward? I hope you are writing all of this down!! :-)

  2. We were on the same page yesterday, weren't we? Good on us.